Quality Improvement

Postpartum Care Incentive Program

Healthy Start Program

For Providers and Members:

The Postpartum Care Incentive Program provides monetary incentives to OB providers after the completion of a postpartum visit. To be eligible for the $50.00 incentive payment, the provider must fill out the HCFA 1500 FORM after the member completes her visit. This form, along with the medical records can be faxed to (323) 889-2235 OR mailed to the Quality Improvement Dept Attn: Carla Garcia for processing of the $50.00 incentive payment. The member is also eligible for a $40.00 gift card payment if the visit is completed between 21st and 56th day after the delivery.

Got Questions?
Contact Carla Garcia at (323) 889-6638 ext. 3610.