Care1st Programs



Care1st Health Plan has established a Disease Management Program to provide education, care coordination and support to our members with certain chronic conditions.

The following Care1stCARES Programs are available:

  • CHF and Asthma

Care1st refers to these programs as Care1stCARES. Participation in these programs is free and voluntary for all program eligible Care1st Health Plan members.

These programs provide the member with the education necessary to better manage their condition. Our Disease Management nurse will work closely with the member and their doctor to help keep them as healthy as possible and avoid unnecessary hospitalizations. The nurse will assist the member in coordinating their care and obtaining all required preventive health screenings.

All Programs are administered by Care1st Health Plan. Care1st automatically identifies members with these medical conditions who meet specific criteria and offers them participation in these programs. The more you learn about these conditions and the medicines used to treat it, the better you will be able to work with your doctor to control it. In order to help you meet these goals, Care1stCARES provides these programs to you.

Benefits to the Member

  • Regular Nurse Calls - telephone contact from our disease managers to review the member’s health status and provide support and education.
  • Telephone Support – toll-free number available for our members to speak with our Disease Manager about their condition and answer any questions they may have.
  • Reminders - to obtain preventive health screenings, exams and tests as needed.
  • Educational Mailings - to help understand the member’s chronic condition.
  • Peak Flow Meter - (for Asthma only) ages >5 to help better manage and monitor the member’s condition.

Benefits to the Physician

  • Member Compliance - with physician treatment plan
  • Detailed Reports - informing you of member’s status changes, or concerns that may require physician intervention
  • Comprehensive Member Medication Profile
  • Care Coordination - with PCP and Specialists.
  • If you want additional information or would like to discuss Care1stCARES Programs with our Disease Manager, you can call (866)-991-8222
  • You can refer to these programs by filling out this form.

Care1st Programs