Quality Improvement Incentive Program (Q.I.I.P)

Healthy Families 120 Day Initial Health Assessments*
We reimburse you $50 for health assessments completed within 120 days of each new Care1st's member's effective date with you. This is in addition to the current fee-for-service reimbursement you receive as a Care1st directly contracted PCP.

* Use ICD-9 Code V70.0 to indicate initial Health Assessment Physical Examination, on the HCFA 1500-Section 21.)

Medi-Cal CHDP Services
In addition to your capitation, Care1st reimburses for CHDP Services.

Note: CHDP services will be paid at CHDP rates when submitted accurately on a PM-160 Form within 30 days from the date of service. (Claims may be paid up to a year from date of service). Rendering physicians, must submit the appropriate information to Care1st to participate in the QIIP programs. Please contact your Care1st Provider Services Representative at 1-323-889-6638 x6388 for more information about these programs.

Get reimbursed $5.00 for each of the following adult immunizations given.

  • (90471) Immunization administration, single or combination vaccine/toxoid
  • (90472) Immunization administration; two or more single or combination vaccines/toxoids