Care1st Medicare

Care1st has Plans to Help Medicare Do a Lot More for You

Care1st MedicareCare1st thinks that people on Medicare should have even more comprehensive coverage than traditional Medicare provides. As a Care1st member, we offer three Medicare plans to meet your lifestyle and your budget: Our Platinum Plan, our Dual Plus Plan and our Medicare Advantage Plan.

Our care starts with a choice of providers

At Care1st, we offer you choices of over 7000 Primary Care Physicians and specialists. We also offer 80 of the leading hospitals for you to choose from.

Behavioral Health

Behavioral or Mental Health is a covered benefit. The Primary Care Physician is responsible for assessing the member’s mental and physical health needs, through review of the member’s history (as presented by the member and as revealed in the medical records), the interview process, and any limited counseling which examination may reveal to be necessary. Primary Care Physicians appropriately provide significant amounts of mental health care that fall within their scope of practice, including the prescribing of psychotherapeutic drugs.

Specialty mental health services are provided according to the members’ type of coverage:

  • Los Angeles and San Diego Counties: Members may call CompCare at 1-877-224-7506

You'll benefit from our extra benefits

Care1st offers you one of the most comprehensive benefits packages available to people on Medicare. There are many extra services, advantages and programs that are included in your plan for little or no extra cost.

Care1st Health Plan is a Medicare Advantage Organization with a Medicare contract.