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Optum Health Behavioral Solutions

Announcing Care1st Health Plan’s Behavioral Care Provider for your Medicare members!

Care1st Health Plan is proud to announce that United Behavioral Health, operating under the brand OptumHealth Behavioral Solutions, will be contracted with Care1st Health Plan to provide behavioral care services effective April 1, 2013.  OptumHealth Behavioral Solutions will replace Compcare as Care1st’s behavioral health provider.

OptumHealth is the nation’s largest accredited managed behavioral health care organization, providing services to one in six insured Americans. It is supported by the largest behavioral provider network in the United States - more than 84,000 practitioners. And Behavioral Solutions offers the industry’s most comprehensive array of innovative and effective behavioral health care programs including integrated behavioral and medical programs, depression management, brain health, employee assistance, work/life management, disability support and pharmacy management programs.

To access OptumHealth behavioral provider, please use the following for provider search at or call directly at 855-321-2211, Monday to Friday between 8:00AM and 6:00PM.

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