Member Notices and Materials

Member Notices and Materials

Preventive Health Guidelines

We want you and your family to stay healthy. Regular checkups, even when you are not feeling sick, are important to maintain your health. They also help your doctor identify health problems early on. Preventive health guidelines show you when you need your regular checkups:

Update on Sterilization / Informed Consent

Effective immediately, physician or physician office staff member who goes over the consent form is required to provide the member with booklet on sterilization published by DHCS, as part of the Informed Consent process for sterilization prior to the member signing the PM 330 consent form.

Get to know your health plan

Care1st Health Plan wants to make sure you get good care and services. To help make this happen, we have created a complete Quality Improvement Program. The goal of the program is to make sure that our promise of giving good care to our members is being met. Find out more by clicking on the following link:


Your doctor's office has brochures on various health topics for you and your family. You may also request brochures by calling Care1st Health Plan's health education department:

Member Newsletters

As a Care1st member, you will receive newsletters that have useful information on many topics. An online version of the most current newsletter may be viewed in English and Spanish:

Care1st - MEDI-CAL Newsletter
Cre1st Cares - CHF NEWSLETTER - Winter/Spring 2016/2017

In this Issue:

2. Managing medications

Care1st - MEDI-CAL Newsletter
Cre1st Cares - ASTHMA NEWSLETTER - Winter/Spring 2016/2017

In this Issue:

2. Don't skip asthma medicine

Care1st - MEDI-CAL Newsletter
HealthTalk Newsletter - Winter 2017

In this Issue:

1. Take Your Best Shot!
2. Take Control of Your Health.
3. Breastfeeding Your Baby.
4. Food Labels Help with Healthy Choices.

Care1st - MEDI-CAL Newsletter
CHF - Summer/Fall - 2016 Newsletter

In this Issue:

1. It's Your Move!
2. What are your exercise objectives? 3. Stay on track with your meds
4. Get a Lift for your Heart

Care1st - MEDI-CAL Newsletter
Help Your Child Manage Asthma - Summer/Fall - 2016 Newsletter

In this Issue:

1. Help Your Child Manage Asthma
2. A two-pronged defense
3. Have a plan in place
4. Clear the air of secondhand smoke
5. On the Move With Asthma