Privacy Statement

Maintaining the confidentiality of electronic and paper records and other communications regarding your health care is of primary importance to Care1st.


With the advent of electronic means of communication between health plans, hospitals and doctors, concerns have been raised about ensuring that member information remains confidential and is looked at only by the professionals who provide care to members and those who pay for the services received. Care1st Health Plan shares those concerns.

At Care1st Health Plan we have many safeguards in place to ensure that member information remains confidential. We continue to strive to meet the latest standards to improve our confidentiality-protection systems.

Additionally, Care1st Health Plan tracks information regarding member concerns about inappropriate release of confidential information. Confidentiality standards such as limited access to data, limited access to personal medical records and appeal decisions, as well as consent and disclosure of medical information continue to be reviewed and revised consistent with industry accepted practices and State and Federal laws.

Who Has Access to My Medical Information?

It is the policy of Care1st Health Plan not to share any specific or identifying medical information with any person who is not directly concerned with your care or involved in the payment of care, without your or your doctor's written consent, except as required by law.

Care1st Health Plan maintains the standards set forth in the Confidentiality of Medical Information Act. Our staff is required to sign confidentiality agreements, and our providers, who are contractually required to abide by these requirements, safeguard the privacy of your medical information.

A current, valid authorization from you is required before information is released in response to employer requests for access to or release of information from medical records, except as provided under workers' compensation.

Can I Obtain a Copy of My Medical Records?

Yes. Members may request a copy of all or part of their medical records by completing an Authorization to Release Medical Information form. Upon receipt of this form, the member's request will be processed, usually within 5 business days. A nominal fee may be charged to the member for access and copying of medical information.

Additional Important Information

Members may obtain a copy of Care1st Health Plan's policy and procedure regarding Confidentiality by contacting our Member Services Department at 1-800-605-2556.

The Confidentiality Policy contains:

  • What is included in a member's routine consent
  • Member's access to personal records
  • Protection of privacy in all settings
  • Use of measurement data
  • Policy on information for employers
  • Right to approve release of information (use of special consents)