You're Always Welcome at Care1st

Guest- Calendar

We have a calendar full of events, seminars and special programs—and you're invited. Come join us at one of our informative presentations and you'll learn a lot about your health, your care and Care1st.

Calendar for Community Events/ Programs
The Cultural &Linguistics Department is guided in its work by a Community Advisory Committee which is comprised of community based organizations that represents the population Care1st serves.

Healthy Weight for a Lifetime
If one of your goals is to lose weight and keep it off, then we invite you to join our program. This program is free. We will talk about lifestyle changes that can help you reach a healthy weight. Our focus will be on healthy eating and ways to be more active. See date and time of event

Healthy Parents, Healthy Children
You and your child will learn about ways to make healthier choices during meal times and snacks. You will also learn fun ways families can be fit together. These classes are for children 7-11 years old and their parents/guardian. See class schedule

Healthy Parents, Healthy Teens
Do you want to learn how to help your teen reach and maintain a healthy weight? Then, we invite you to come to this class. See class schedule