A Team of Leaders

Care1st is managed by a team of highly skilled and involved executives. We strive to pay our providers on time, pay claims quickly and provide the best health care services to our members. Care1st is determined to be service oriented and use the newest technology available.

Care1st's management team consists of the following executives:

  • Fields, David
    Interim President
  • Flaum, Amanda
    Chief Operating Officer & VP
  • Thygeson, Marcus
    Interim Chief Medical Officer
  • McCarthy, Siobhain
    Head of Human Resources & Communications
  • Hunt, Sarah
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Modha, Chan
  • Jones, Brooks
    VP of Administration & Compliance
  • Bloom, Alan
    VP of Legal & Regulatory Services
  • Wedemeyer, David
    VP of Performance Improvement
  • Lasconia, Michael
    VP Pharmacy
  • Rowan, Michael
    VP, Information Technology
  • Mokler, Pamela
    VP, Long Term Care
  • Woo, Herbert
    VP, Management Information Systems
  • Howell, Tracie
    VP, Medi-Cal Operations
  • Barry, Brian
    VP, Medicare Sales & Marketing
  • Stanley, Theresa
    VP, Medical Services
  • Ueoka, Jamie
    VP, Medicare Program Development
  • Thygeson, Marcus
    Interim VP, Quality