Our Cal MediConnect Program
The Cal MediConnect program is a new way to help bring healthcare to those who need it most. It is currently being developed by the California Department of Health Care Services and the Centers for Medicare...
Program Benefits
Benefits You Can See. Under Care1st Cal MediConnect Plan, a single health plan oversees all of your medical, long-term care, mental health and substance abuse care and social services needs.
Program Eligibility
Are You Dual Eligible? A dual eligible beneficiary is someone who is eligible for both Federal Medicare benefits and State Medicaid benefits...
The Care1st Promise
Serving members in California, Arizona, and Texas. Dedicated to community-based and patient-focused care...
Consumer Protection
Protecting Member Rights & Interests; Program Monitoring; Continuity of Care...
CCI Advisory committee
CCI Advisory committee Meeting Minutes
Useful Links
Care1st Health Plan; Cal Duals (Cal MediConnect Program); California's Department of Health Care Services; Medicare websites.